Woman shares her concerns about brother’s baby name choice – but it backfires

When it comes to baby names, everyone will have an opinion on your choice – some will love it, some may hate it and others will be completely indifferent.

But one woman was recently reminded that it doesn’t matter what other people think of the name, as the choice belongs to the parents only.

The anonymous person took to parenting forum Mumsnet to share her brother’s baby name choice and voice concerns about the child’s future with the rather unique moniker.

While people were quick to share how lovely they thought the name was, many couldn’t help reminding the sibling that the child is not their own, so what they are called has nothing to do with her.

The Mumsnet user wrote: “My brother has chosen Gretel for his daughter…Is this an okay name?

“I am worried that she will be asked ‘Is your brother Hansel?’ all her life.”

But her worries were quickly shut down, as one person said: “Why on earth are you worried? It’s not your baby. The name is fine.”

Another wrote: “Your brother’s choice, not yours. Gretel is a perfectly fine name, unusual but nothing wrong with it.”

A third replied: “The name is not your hill to die on.”

Someone else commented: “Um yes, she will get a bit of that and it’s twee… but it’s up to them isn’t it. There are worse names.”

A different user proclaimed: “I think it’s a lovely name, very underused and classic.”

“Our son has a unique name from a known duo. Whenever anyone mentions the other half I just laugh. It’s a lovely name. Also, it’s not your child,” shared a sixth person.

Others branded the name “beautiful”, “pretty”, “strong” and “cute”, while a few people suggested the name could be shortened to Greta instead and also shared their love of the name Gretchen.

A teacher who had met several girls with the same name added: “Have taught two Gretels over a long teaching career. Nice name. Hardly any kids know the H&G story these days. Never got mentioned with the two I knew.”