Waitress sees ‘nightmare’ cloaked figure outside restaurant and is far too calm

If we saw a faceless figure wearing a long, hooded black cloak on any night other than Halloween, we’d be running for the hills.

It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie – right?!

But one woman recently spotted a figure matching this description standing outside the window of the dining establishment she works at.

Instead of hiding or freaking out, the unnamed employee decided to film the bizarre experience and she seemed much to calm about the whole thing if you ask me.

Her footage was shared on the TikTok account @spookypost with the caption: “She’s playing it way too cool. This is one of my worst nightmares.”

In the clip, the unnamed woman can be seen walking out of the back of the restaurant, and approaching the figure, heading right up to the window.

As she walks, she says: “I’m gonna get f***ing killed.

“Who is this? Oh my god bro.”

She stops right in front of the glass and chuckles as she says “uh uh” at the figure.

It isn’t until the person places their hand on the window that she finally decides it’s too much and gets away from them, saying: “Oh hell nahhh!”

The TikTok video has since been watched over 30,000 times, garnering thousands of likes.

Many people commented to say they were creeped out by the video and concerned about the employee.

One person wrote: “I didn’t see a face that’s creepy.”

Another said: “That s**t scared me.”

A third user replied: “What in the Mr. Nightmare is this??”

Someone else wanted to know if the woman was ok, asking: “Girl it’s been a day, you good?”