Take Care Of Your Cat The Best You Can With These Tips

Do you own a cat? If this happens to be you, then you already recognize how great they are. Cats are living beings that requite care and affection. It is quite easy to provide this for your cat. This article will provide great advice on how to properly care for your cat.

Get your cat to a vet on a regular basis for the best health possible. Most vets recommend yearly check-ups. If the animal requires certain vaccinations, more visits are necessary. When the cat seems to be acting abnormally, take it to the vet immediately.

Never use a product on your cat that is intended for dogs. Cats often have negative reactions to dog products. One product in particular to pay close attention to is any remedy for fleas and ticks. Flea products meant for dogs can seriously harm or kill a cat. In fact, it is a good idea to separate your cat and dog for a few hours after your dog has taken flea medication.

Your cat needs a collar and tag if it goes outside. This can help if your cat becomes lost while wandering in the great outdoors. Even if the tag just has your phone number, it can be the difference between your pet coming home and being lost forever.

Generally, cats love to stay on the counter. If your cat is high, he can see everything that is going on. To help prevent your cat from doing this, you can establish tall places specifically for your cat. Sometimes strategically placing a tall cat tower near your kitchen will help.

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Get a microchip for your cat. Even indoor cats may get out of your home at some point. Although they provide the information needed to find your beloved pet, they can also accidentally get caught or even be wiggled out of. Microchips are as small as a rice grain and have all of your important contact information. The chip will never be lost because it is under the skin and it can easily be read by any shelter or vet.

Being nocturnal is quite normal for cats. This means that they will be the most active at nig

ht time. Keep your bedroom door shut if your cats make too much noise at night. This can keep them from waking you up at night and from pouncing on feet under the blankets.

Your cat needs lots of affection and love. They are very loving animals and deserve affection back. Similar to people, cats like to socialize and feel as if they are important to their family. Make her feel like she is part of your family.

Put your cat’s food on a tablecloth. Sometimes cats like to take food out of the bowl and eat it to the side of the bowl. This can really make a mess, and you might have to spend significant time cleaning around your cat’s food bowl. Simply place a cloth placemat that will grab at the food under their plate and then shaken out over the trash. You can put a vinyl one underneath that can be picked up wiped down easily if you prefer.

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Cats love being up high. To make your cat really happy, give it a place to safely survey its area. If a big cat tree is not something that can easily fit in your home, get a sturdy shelf that can be used as a perch. The cat will especially enjoy it if you put a blanket on top.

Do not attempt to teach your cat how to use the litter box. They do this by nature and don’t need to be taught. A lot of people think that rubbing a cat’s paws in its litter box may help them, but in reality, it can be damaging to them.

If you are bringing home a new cat, make sure to give him time to adjust to your current cat. It usually takes about three weeks. They may swat at each other or hiss; that’s nothing to be concerned about. Give them a bit more time to begin to get used to each other face to face, too.

A cat’s life isn’t complete without play. In fact, play is a common activity for all mammals, including people and cats, no matter their age. Even older cats love a little play, just not as rough. Make sure you have fun with the cat whenever you can!

It is important to designate a big and comfortable area for your cat to deliver her kittens. Giving birth to all the kittens can take hours, so you shouldn’t expect things to be over and done with quickly. If it has been more than six hours and you believe more kittens are still inside your cat, you need to get her to the vet right away.

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Put tape on your furnishings. Whenever your cat scratches any upholstery, sticky tape is a great way to dissuade them from doing it again. Many pet shops sell this sort of tape. Using this tape, along with a scratching post is a great way to keep your cat from scratching up your furniture.

Cats get sick from many of the same things as humans. Since cats are like family, it’s easy to tell when they’re sick. Have a vet look at your cat if you suspect this. The veterinarian can rule out any serious conditions.

Think about restricting your cat to only indoors. Cats that go outside tend to live shorter lives and often contract illnesses. You may even catch their disease yourself. Let your cat hop up into windows and watch the birds outside safely.

Ensure you always give your cat flea and tick medicine. There are a few different medications available. These medicines keep harmful parasites away from your cat. Purchase a flea and tick medication made especially for cats.

Your cat is part of your family, and you would do anything for it. Since looking at this piece, you have a better understanding of how to properly care for your cat. Try these steps to help your cat live its best life. The more you love your cat, the better.