9 Tricks How To Look Sexy In Shirt

9 Tricks How To Look Sexy In Shirt

Today we will talk about some men fashion and men’s dressing tips.How to look sexy And You’ve got a special kind of advice on the video and how it’s going to make you feel better. He has a good dress and he has a fashion show. is the fashion video in the fashion world, and the fashion tips that make me look shirt and my shirts are stylish and I love you too much. I have been discussing some of the tips of dressing in the video. All of the shirt styles have been allocated.

How to style shirt is very important and it is very important for you shirt style for men Mens outfits are booming You will not be able to follow any of the categories of fashion shirts that are available in the video. Indian men shirt dressing is an important male fashion tip. You can follow the dressing style and shirt tips to follow your shirt styles. The men’s shirt style will make you look great and you will see it in the video.

How To Look Sexy


Buy These Colour First

Buy these colour first Black, White, and Blue first. And we talk about some rules follow.

1.Rule. If you buy these three colour of shirt you have been covered in the cover, so look at the party, look at the office, and look at the date and look of the casual look of the shirt. You got it with jeans, so you got very sexy.

2.Rule. If you are shopping, you should have a minimum of 1500 rupees on each shirt. Some people speak so why do they take a lot of costly shirts .why? My brother take a minimum shirt is which you should get look sexy.

3.Rule.If you want a variety of shirts you should buy LYCRA shirts. It is a key stretching material. If you have a bugged buy a cotton shirt.


Of our thinking which patterns we like.Big patterns or small patterns.

First I tell long pattern will not classic. If you wear small pattern shirts you look sexy or classic.

If we talk about the pattern. Wear Minimal Patterns. your shirt will be full of the same patterns. many peoples fear with these patterns. In these patterns, will not elaborate in your style.

If you want to take 2 colours patterns shirt like,



Above this all you must learn this rule. When you try this patterned shirt. It has a mix of colour like two colours. Base colour like you see this photo blue colour is base colour and a small white dot is a pattern.

If you don’t look sexy in these shirts. You should try To keep your patterns MONOCHROMATIC. like you have a white shirt, the base is white and the pattern is any dark colour, In these look, you should like stud or sexy.

Class Of Shirt

Your face isn’t the region for your shirt, your COLLAR is the region of your shirt. If next time you go shopping take a BUTTON DOWN SHIRT  if you don’t get button down shirt you c take STIFF-COLLAR SHIRT if you don’t get both then take a COLLAR STAY it is like double-sided tape. These types you look stud or sexy.

Sleeve Roll

Sleeve roll means, you roll your shirt from arms. You should 3 times roll both sides. Always iron your shirts.

Stay away from pockets and zippers for formal occasions. So every time sleeve rolls your shirts, because of any occasions they expected.

How to Decide To Tuck Or Not To Tuck

If you buy a V-shaped border shirt you can decide you not to tuck or to tuck.

Many of shirts which have parallel shaped border shirt, please Tuck In these shirts.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any doubts for men style, then you write a review or mail me.i can help you anytime.



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