IMPORTANCE  OF EDUCATION / education in our home’s, parents after 12th. eduction for poor and rich people. how to get success in life.

IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION / education in our home’s, parents after 12th. eduction for poor and rich people. how to get success in life.

Importance Of Study

Now a days everyone know’s education is very important for everyone life. Meaning of education a lot of facilities our learning, knowledge and skills. It is completely changing our mind, thinking and positive attitudes. We should must give importance to the education. In other side education is a source of real happiness in our life.

First impression of education in our home

Home is the important part for student education. Our parents are first teacher in our life. In childhood, we get first impression of education in our home. Our parents told importance of good education in the life. When 3 or 4yrs child theri parents should sent to school for good or proper education and after 1yrs teachers should take our exam for how much student teach and then we get pass certificate to go next class.

Some importance of education in our parents

Our child going towards success which is only possible through good and proper education. Every parents should tells their child about the importance of education in life and all the advantages of education to make their life easy and happy future. Make the habits of your children to write essays, debates or manything in the school or home. We are also try to help you all parents in making yours child better in life. We should provided essay short or long and easy language to understand for your children.

After 12th class

After 12th standard we should start to get admission in College or University to higher education. 12th standard is the most important class for future. It is necessary for all to get technical or government job. It is possible when you should do hardworking in 12th class, After 12th standard we decided to get good College.

Education for poor and rich people.

Everyone know’s education is important for everyone or coming generation. Today’s generation and technology is very fast. Sometime education stand to people that stage what should people do for herself. first you should pay then you get admission in college. These is very critical point for poor people. Rich people have too much easy to get good education. They pay easily and get admission in higher college.

Better life and get succees

Everyone get better life and success on future. It is possible when you should take better education and do hardwork you should to you ahead in the future and get success. Better education build our personality and develops confidences. A great role in everyone life is school education. Whole eduction has been divided into three parts. Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education. primary education is before 14-18yrs children and prepare through the life. Secondary education is after primary education and path for further study and Higher education is after Secondary education through attending college and higher degree for further job.


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