Top 5 Rules for Smart or sexy  office dressing

Top 5 Rules for Smart or sexy office dressing

Format dressing or sexy office dressing, The issue can be found in the format of  that is available on the first page of the program. Men’s clothing of bare clothing in the clothing of designer clothing. (You have 5 formal clothing tips and tricks for the shirt and pants of color combination from the shoes and you can make clothes). Men ‘s fashion guide and a guide to guide you.

Sexy Office Dressing


Male Grooming

First I want to tell about men hairstyle. Upper hair potion is big and the sided potion is so small. This type of hairstyle will come from 2010 to 2020 trending. You can also do this style in the office also. Know I tell about Indian beard style. In Indian officers, the beard is not appreciated, like those people who have a beard people look like unprofessional.
If you have allowed keeping the beard in office.

If you keep a beard. Always remember that you should keep short beard and groom it and use male grooming products. Like you should use Beard oil, Beard cream and try to it shaped beard.

If you have less beer. Then try to keep a clean shaver. A clean shaver look, clean shave look is every save look for Indian officers. If you keep a clean shave, then the Indian people will see you from professionals.

Know I talk About Your Skin

Now the matter came of your skin. You have to follow simple rules.
You should wash your face 2 times a day. First, when you wake up in the morning, you should clean your face with a face wash. Then bedtime when you go for the sleep you should wash your face.

These are all for grooming.


The 3 types of shirts that go to the office are seen in the world. White, light blue, or light pink. It makes you sexy office dressing look.

If you bear a patterned shirt than you try PIN STRIPE or  DOTS. There are so many people who try many colors in their office.


Everyone knows if you go to the office you should have proper formal black pants. And don’t try jeans or cotton pants in the office. If you have big budgets then you try more formal pants like grew, white, or blue.


If you get a proper formal dress like a shirt, pant. And take proper formal shoes. It is the most important part of the office person. So please take a proper form black, brown and dark brown shoes. These three shoes make a perfect office person. And remember this point if you have black shoes then take a black belt. If you try brown shoes then take the brown belt also.


In office use lather watches or metal. Don’t try digital watch or casual style watches. Try better watches use in the office to make a perfect look.

know I tell 2 things that don’t want to remember.




Forever remember if you are a total informal dress than try to bear a socks color your pant or shoes.


If you have to go to the office then try good or better perfumes to make a fresh environment.

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